Every Day Is a Holiday


Three women are riding in the same bus through today's Lebanon for a day's journey towards the same destination: the men's prison. The first woman is visiting her husband, in jail since their wedding day. The second has one single goal in mind: to have her husband, who is serving a long sentence, sign the divorce papers that will finally free her. The third is traveling unwillingly, with fear in her stomach: she is secretly carrying in her bag the weapon her husband, one of the prison guards, forgot at home.

An accident throws the journey off track. Lost in the middle of nowhere, the women become prey to their anxieties and obsessions. As the land around them becomes more and more arid, they hear rumors of massacres and throngs of refugees... And yet they go on, pushing further into what eventually turns into an interior journey, where individual life and collective memory blend and blur into one another. Is this a dream, a nightmare, a fantasy or each woman's own reality?

Performed by Hiam Abbass (LEMON TREE, THE VISITOR), Manal Khader (DIVINE INTERVENTION) and Raïa Haïdar.

Technische Details

Spielfilm, 90 min, 35 mm, Farbe, 1:1,85
Förderung: Medienboard Berlin Brandenburg, World Cinema Fund, CNC France, EED


Raia Haidar · Manal Khader · Hyam Abbas · Karim Saleh · Nabil Abou Mrad
Fadi Abi Samta · Siro Faselian · Bilal Atoui · Berge Fasilian


Producer: Thierry Lenouvel, Hanneke van der Tas, Nicole Gerhards
Regie: Dima El-Horr

Buch: Dima El-Horr, Rabih Mroueh
Kamera: Dominique Gentil

Ton: Emmanuel Zouki

Ausstattung: Maia Tabet

Kostüm: Rana Jamal

Maske: Joanda Abi Frem

VFX: rise fx GmbH